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  • " To share Gods love with people in need through tangible, compassionate assistance through immediate helps and ongoing supports for new beginnings and ongoing life changes."


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Want to help others in your community, or need help yourself, or would like to refer someone else for help - please call 902-365-3665

[April 14th, 2020]  Our resources have been redirected to alleviate the impact of COVID-19 on our vulnerable neighbours. Our Kentville Outreach Centre is being used for food order preparation and distribution as part of a home delivery initiative in collaboration with Fundy Food Bank and others. Our priority is families, those who are self-isolating, have pre-existing health risks or are experiencing food insecurity. While we continue to support people who identify as part of 'Open Arms community', those we are serving are increasingly people who are not usually impacted by food insecurity.
Wellness checks (by phone) are ongoing along with food supports in coordination with food banks throughout Kings and Annapolis counties. These collaborative community partnerships in delivering food with healthy distancing practices are a tremendous step towards assuring no one gets left behind.
The Community Soup Kitchen has also ceased regular operations until further notice and will be collaborating with Open Arms in assuring those most at risk are receiving adequate food and nutrition. This service of delivering prepared food and non-perishables to the front door of those in need is done without having direct personal contact.
If you wish to support us in this effort or otherwise, please do so at the following:

Open Arms Resource Centre
32 Cornwallis St., Kentville NS B4N 2E1

Online donations can be made for monthly or one time donations through Canada Helps

Every dollar given to Open Arms helps people who have run out of options

Niall's Story

Niall Smith is a 12 year old who donated his birthday money to the Open Arms shelter. Listen to him tell us why he did this.

Mike's Story

Mike was a young man with hopes and dreams. After a debilitating injury sustained in basic training resulted in him living on $257 a month from 1991-2004 and $558 monthly from 2004-2018, Mike’s life spiraled downward until he became street involved and ultimately homeless throughout various parts of Canada for more than twenty years. After our resource team connected Mike with a veteran affairs representative, it was discovered that he had been entitled to a pension all along. It did not happen overnight, but he is now being duly compensated. With the help of a supportive community, he is now giving back as an emergency shelter volunteer and is currently looking to purchase his first home.

A unique set of circumstances saw Mike land in our community and in our shelter
program. We are thankful to have been a part of the remarkable change in
circumstances in his life. Our year-round Open Arms Resource Centers serve both the
homeless and those in the community at high risk of becoming homeless, helping them
connect with housing, job and educational opportunities and other relevant community
supports as well as providing emergency shelter, food, clothing and other necessary
personal items. Once housing is secured, we are additionally able to supply household
items and furniture and a friendship often continues.

Mike’s story is not unique. Hundreds of people in our region find themselves in similar
situations, and they seldom uncover the resources Mike now has to support his new life.
It may not be a physical injury, but many of our guests and clients have had few
advantages from an early age coupled with any number of challenges including and
contributing to trauma. The result is often that these friends have been pushed to the
margins of society where they have subsequently made a numerous bad choices
including finding solace in substance abuse. Whatever the circumstances that connect
us to families, men, women or youth in crisis, our professional and peer supports are
there for those desiring change at their pace and with their participation.
With your help, people like Mike, along with other men, women and children who have
hit bottom, can find hope, and help, to climb back to a more stable life. By sharing
generously today, you can help them step forward in life with hope again or perhaps for
the first time.

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